About Us

Washington Ambulance Association

headquarted at 109 Bee Brook Road
please send mail to P.O. Box 294
Washington Depot, Connecticut 06794
telephone (860) 868-7913

The Washington Ambulance Association is a group of compassionate, dedicated and highly trained volunteers who serve the town of Washington and neighboring communities. WAA responds to over 380 requests for emergency medical services per year.

WAA members are certified by the State of Connecticut as either Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) or Emergency Medical Responders (EMRs). Our current roster consists of 18 EMTs and 5 EMRs. All members are required to attend training drills and classes on a regular basis to maintain their certification. All WAA members are issued “jump kits” to be carried in their personal vehicles so that they are able to respond directly to the scene of an emergency. We have two ambulances in service to respond to our community's growing needs. In the event that there are multiple calls simultaneously, the Washington Volunteer Fire Department can respond with a crew of medically trained personnel on Rescue One or Rescue Two. We are also supported by our Washington Police Officers who maintain medical training to assist us on calls. In addition, WAA has access to the regional paramedic as well as Life Star Aero-Medical Helicopter. We are proud to offer such reliable and robust Emergency Medical Services!

Safe transportation of our patients is of the utmost importance. All of Washington Ambulance drivers are Certified Emergency Vehicle Operators (CEVO). Our ambulances are outfitted with life saving equipment such as a 12-lead Electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG), a Lucas-2 Automated Chest Compression Device, and Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). Both ambulances in our fleet are equipped with a Stryker Power Cot and Power Loader. A2 also has many enhanced safety features such as a heavy duty brush guard and patient compartment 4-point seat harness restraints. The majority of our patients are transported to New Milford Hospital. However, circumstances may require transport to Danbury Hospital, Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, Sharon Hospital or Waterbury Hospitals.


 Thanks to the support of the community, the Washington Ambulance Association is able to operate without charging patients for calls. We are one of only a few Connecticut ambulance services able to provide free emergency medical services.

Respectfully submitted,
Adam Woodruff, Chief of Operations

It is with great pride we present our crew of volunteers...

Adam Woodruff - Chief of Operations
Heidi Johnson - Assistant Chief
Philip Wildman - Captain
Emergency Medical Technicians:
Fred Cheney
Gail Covillion
Jorge Criollo
Morgen Fisher
Debbie Forese
Lauren Lord
Anne Martin
Rae Moore
Jim McDonough
Sara Osborne
John (Jack) Pascal
Tim Ruh
Jennifer Stirbl
Hank Vallely
Steve Wright
Emergency Medical Responders:
Brandan Cheney
Jim Schultz
Susan Schultz
Linda Williams
Duncan Woodruff
We are supported by:
Fire Department EMTs:
Ethan Labella
Jordan Leach
Tom Osborne
Fire Department EMRs:
Robert Hall
Kevin Smith
Washington Police EMRs:
Matthew Costella
Patrick Kessler
Richard Innaimo
(roster updated Nov. 2020)