The Town of Washington, incorporated in 1779, was taken from Woodbury, Litchfield, Kent, and New Milford. Washington is a town of 38.7 square miles with 89.5 miles of roadway. Our population exceeds 4,000 full-time residents, approximately 550 of whom are public school students.

Washington is a socially, culturally and economically rich community supported by a host of generous, caring citizens. They contribute time and money to ensure strong educational systems, quality library services, intelligent land use planning, first-rate emergency care and a wide range of intellectual and recreational activities. Volunteers are the core of our town.

The Town of Washington encompasses the following Villages:

  • Washington Depot
  • Washington (or Washington Green)
  • New Preston
  • Marbledale (or Marble Dale)
  • Woodville

The Town of Washington operates under a town meeting form of government, with a Board of Selectmen.

Click here for an excerpt from"Welcome to Washington" Washington Town GuidePublished by Voices Newspaper, May 2002