Land Use Department

The main responsibilities of the Washington Land Use Department are 1) to provide the Land Use commissions with technical assistance to help them effectively administer their regulations and responsibilities and 2) to guide the public through the Town regulations and permit process.  The Land Use Department staff is available to answer questions about regulations, to provide assistance with application forms and the permit process, to respond to complaints, and to enforce the Town's Land Use regulations.

The Land Use Department includes the following boards and commissions: Planning Commission, Zoning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals, Inland Wetlands Commission, Conservation Commission, and Historic District Commission.  Please see their corresponding pages on this website for complete information.

For all projects, the public is always advised to consult first with the Washington Health Department. Even if you do not think the Health Department should be involved in your plans, please meet with the Town Sanitarian who will review your proposed project and determine whether Health approval is needed or that a "non-applicable" sign off is all that is required.  

The most frequently used application forms for both residential and commercial projects are available on the Town website and in the hallway in the lower level of Bryan Memorial Town Hall.  Our staff will guide you regarding what application forms are required for your specific project and will also help you coordinate your application if your proposed work needs a permit from more than one commission.

Staff Contacts

Name Phone
Shelley White 860-868-0423
Nick Tsacoyannis 860-868-0423
Tammy Rill 860-868-0423
Karen Gallagher 860-868-0423
Suzanne Von Holt (860) 868-0423