Registrar of Voters


Washington’s voting districts have changed due to the recent redistricting by the CT General Assembly as mandated by Federal and State law after a federal census. Every ten years, Connecticut uses new census data to redraw district lines to reflect changes in populations and to equalize those populations among electoral districts. As a result of this redistricting, Washington’s congressional and senate districts have changed and an additional polling place has been added to town.

• The entire town was changed to the 64th Congressional District

• The town was split into two districts for our State Senate: 30th and 32nd 


The addition of a second senatorial district means there has to be a new voting district and new polling place for the residents of the second district (30). State law allows a polling place to be located in an adjacent district thus allowing All Voters (District 30 and 32) to vote at Bryan Memorial Town Hall but with TWO Polling Places within the building: The Main Hall and the Upper Level.

District 32 – Bryan Memorial Town Hall, MAIN HALL

District 30 – Bryan Memorial Town Hall, UPPER LEVEL

Use this Washington Street Guide to locate your residence and find your senatorial district. The Assessor's Map can also be used to locate which district your house is in.  Check the Senate District layer on the left side of page.

More information on the State of Connecticut's 2021 Redistricting can be found on their Connecticut General Assembly website.

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Lois Pinney Republican Registrar
Denise Arturi Democratic Registrar