Community Outreach

Washington Ambulance Association plays an important role in our town. Yes, we respond to emergency medical calls. We are on-call, ready to respond day or night - 24 hours /7 days a week. However, we offer even more! 


You will see our ambulance standing by at community events. We provide immediate response at large public events and gatherings throughout our villages. If you wish to request EMS standby at your event please complete a request form. Please submit your completed form by snail-mail or as a scanned document at least 14 days prior to your event. 


We have State Certified Instructors in our corp. We can come to your place of business, your civic organization, or your school to teach a class or provide guidance for handling medical emergencies. You may contact us via email to arrange a visit. Whether you are looking for a Basic First Aid class or CPR class - we can help you. We will gladly provide a tour of our ambulance and it's amazing equipment as well!


Washington Ambulance members on t.v.

Click here to see our own Steve Wright and Mo Van Moffaert on WTNH News8 giving expert tips on water safety.


Upcoming Events/Classes:

CPR CLASSES held throughout the year. Please contact us for details

EMT COURSE Our Winter 2021 EMT Course has reached it's maximum capacity and is underway. We have a waiting list started for our next class. Please contact us to be included on this list.

Now, more than ever, we need volunteers. All EMS services need help! We offer a quality education that will not only prepare you for gaining licensure as an Emergency Medical Technician, we will train you to be a confident and competent EMT in the real world. We have a genuine desire to help you succeed as a First Responder. We love what we do and look forward to guiding the next generation of responders. Whether you are looking for a personal challenge, an opportunity to volunteer in your hometown, or to seek employment in the medical field, we can help you on that path. Tuition fees include textbook, online learning, a starter medical kit, and more. In the midst of the pandemic we must stress - the safety and well-being of all students and staff are a top priority. Our course schedule has built-in "virtual class" sessions that will cut down on the number of in-person sessions. However, since hands-on skills and team building exercises are such an integral part of EMS life and education, we have safety measures in place for all in-person sessions. Please contact our Course Coordinator Heidi Johnson (email to: or phone: 860-488-4009) for details.