Single Stream Recycling (SSR)

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Free Curbside Recycling Pickup:
Alternate Mondays;
detailed schedule is below.

Free Recycling Bins:
available at the Selectmen's Office 

Drop-off Recyclables:
at the Transfer Station on Clark Road
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat from 8:00 AM
to 2:00 PM (closed Thurs & Sun) 

Washington's recycling is handled by 
BRRFOC, the Bristol Resource
Recovery Facility Operating Committee 

Effective Date

Effective May 4, 2013, the Town of Washington is officially a Single Stream Recycling community.


Description of Single Stream Recycling

With Single Stream Recycling, residents no longer have to sort recyclable materials such as glass bottles, plastic containers, paper, newspapers, cardboard and aluminum into separate bins, bags or bundles.CARDBOARD BOXES MUST BE FLATTENED- NO PLASTIC BAGS!    Please rinse food containers !  Now you can just mix all your recyclables together in one bin. The TUNXIS Recycling Center now has the ability to sort these items once they are delivered.

Residents may continue to use the present 22 gallon bins or opt to use the new 48 or 96 gallon wheeled bins for their recycling. Residents are asked to trade in their 22 gallon bins if they decide to use a 48 or 96 gallon wheeled bin. Bins are available at the Selectmen's Office and are provided free of charge to residents.

Curbside and In Yard Recycling

The Town of Washington will continue to provide free curbside pick-up for its residents. At curbside, large bins should be placed no more than 5 feet from the road.

Oliver Rubbish Removal, our recycling hauler, is prepared to enter into a supplemental monthly fee arrangement with residents who wish to have their recyclables picked up in yard (by their garage or residence). This fee will cover the additional cost of making an in yard pick-up of recyclables. Residents should contact Oliver at (860) 274-3535 to determine the present fee arrangement for in yard pick up and to sign up for this service. The service will begin once a resident has the required large bin on site.

Benefits of Single Stream Recycling

Next to education and highway expenses, waste disposal is the largest piece of our Town's budget, costing taxpayers about $432,000 in Fiscal 2011/2012. This includes the costs of running the transfer station, bimonthly curbside pick-up of recyclables, hauling garbage and recyclables from the transfer station to disposal sites and tipping fees.

Washington is a founding member of two organizations that handle its waste disposal, BRRFOC (garbage) and TROC (recyclables). Tipping fees are a per-ton disposal fee paid by member towns to these organizations. Currently, tipping fees are $62.50 per ton for garbage and there are no tipping fees for recyclables.

In light of the increased volume in recyclables resulting in part from the "Challenge to Increase Recycling by 16% to 525 Tons by Fiscal 2014" posed to the Town in 2010 by the Washington Environmental Council and the present zero cost for disposing of recyclables, the Town's overall cost of waste disposal has gone down measurably over the past three years.

Single Stream Recycling is expected to increase the volume of recycling in Washington by a significant amount. The experience of other towns that have initiated Single Stream Recycling is that their volume of recycling has increased from 25% to 100% during the first year of the program. In addition to the positive impact of increased recycling on the environment, the significant reduction in waste disposal costs that will result is why it is so important to have all residents actively participating in the Town's Single Stream Recycling program.

Thank you for being an active Single Stream Recycler.

Please contact the First Selectman's Office at (860) 868-2259 if you have any questions.


Single Stream Recycling Guidelines
Permitted Recyclable Items

Please remember - you can put your paper bags with recycling directly inot the recycling bins.


(All items should be Empty, Rinsed and Clean)


Plastic containers #1 to #7 (including caps) Boxboard (e.g. cereal, cracker, pasta and shoe boxes)
Glass and metal (tin, steel and aluminum) food and beverage
containers - no larger than 3 gallon
Soft cover books
Clean aluminum foil and pie pans White & brown envelopes (including window pane envelopes)
Office Paper Newspapers
Paper cartons (milk or juice) Junk Mail
Packing paper Magazines
Paper egg cartons, cardboard tubes from toilet paper, paper towels, etc. Telephone directories
Clean corrugated cardboard (folded flat) & brown paper bags Catalogs


Do Not Recycle These Items
As Not Permitted

Plastic bags (recycle at supermarket) Plastic toys or sporting goods
Black plastic containers (deli type containers) Ceramics, dishes & Pyrex
Pizza boxes & frozen food boxes Appliances, electronics or batteries
Wax or plastic inserts from cookie or cereal boxes Aerosol & paint cans
Foil-lined paper & scratch-off lottery tickets CD's or DVD's
Painted or crayoned paper Prescription drug containers & medical waste
Colored file folders & Tyvek or similar envelopes Syringes, needles & knives
Pots or pans Light bulbs, mirrors & window glass
Clothing hangers Antifreeze & motor oil containers
Yard waste & household rubbish Household cleaner & pesticide containers
Polystyrene or Styrofoam Foam egg cartons & foam packaging  
Flower pots, trays, etc.  
Plastic packing "pillows" and sheet plastic  
Suitcase type soda packaging If you would not drink from it, don't recycle it. Exception: bleach and detergent containers.


Town Recycling Center

Permitted recyclable items may also be brought to the Town's Recycling Center located at the Transfer Station on Clark Road and placed in the designated Single Stream Recycling (SSR) containers

Curbside Pickup Schedule for 2014 Schedule