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(860) 868-0620


Town of Washington
PO Box 383
Washington Depot, CT 06794
United States

Open burning is allowed in the Town of Washington for brush in certain situations. With the exception of burning in a grill or outdoor fireplace for cooking food or camping, you will need a permit to burn out-of-doors. Open burning rules are dictated by Connecticut General Statutes (Section 22a-174) and by the Department of Environmental Protection regulations (22a-264-17).

To burn brush, call Open Burning Official Gunnar Neilson between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. (868-0620). Mr. Neilson will provide information you and an Application for a Burning Permit. You may also obtain a Burning Permit application outside the Land Use Office on the lower level of Town Hall. On days Mr. Neilson is unavailable, fill out a Permit application and bring it to the Selectmen's Office (868-2259).

The Permit is valid for the property owner, or agent of the owner, on -- and only on -- the owner's property. A Permit is applicable only for the date and occasion for which it was issued.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Gunnar Neilson Open Burning Official (860) 868-0620
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