Documents of Current Interest

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Selected public documents are available online. Other public documents are available for inspection in the Land Use Office on the lower level of Bryan Memorial Town Hall.

  • Outdoor Lighting: 
    • Section 12.15 of the Washington Zoning Regulations addresses the requirements for outdoor lighting in the residential districts.  Please refer to this section before purchasing or installing outdoor lighting.  Remember, a zoning permit is required for the installation of outdoor lighting.
    • The website of SELENE (Sensible and Efficient Lighting to Enhance the Nighttime Environment), a non-profit organization in New York State, contains much information about outdoor lighting issues.
    • Sample lighting regulations from other towns in Connecticut, compiled by the Northwestern Connecticut Council of Governments.
    • Dark-Sky Lighting Resource Guide from the Hudson Highlands Land Trust in Garrison, New York.
    • Article about outdoor lighting  by David Owen, from the August 20, 2007 issue of the New Yorker magazine.
  • Outdoor Wood-Fired Boilers: