When Permits Are Required

  • For new buildings and structures including tennis and other sports courts, swimming pools, generators, fences and walls, accessory structures, signs, patios, decks, docks, and free standing antennae and satellite dishes.
  • For repairs and remodeling of any building or structure that will change its use, location, or any dimension including height.
  • For proposed uses of existing and proposed buildings and properties such as commercial uses in the commercial districts, home occupations, conversion of attic space, basement space or storage area over a garage to living area, shop and storage use by contractors and building tradesmen, day care operations, bed and breakfast establishments, and accessory apartments
  • Outdoor lighting in all residential districts requires a Zoning permit.  Check Section 12.15 of the Zoning Regulations for information on acceptable exterior light fixtures.

There are two kinds of Zoning permits: those permitted by right and Special Permits. The Zoning Enforcement Officer is authorized to approve most of the applications for structures and uses in the residential districts. Uses permitted by Special Permit may only be approved by the Zoning Commission and require a public hearing.