Programs and Services Available

  • Child Safety Seat Installation: This service is provided to anyone wishing to have your child's car seat installed by a certified seat technician. Call for an appointment.
  • Police Explorers: This program is designed for youth's between the ages of 14-20, who will be seeking a career in law enforcement, as well as, those interested in community involvement. Meetings are held Thursday evenings from 6:30pm-8: 30 pm. Call Trooper Sordi for more information.
  • CT Boating Course: Certified instructors offer this course periodically. Call if interested. Watch for posted dates.
  • Residence Vacation Checks: If you will be away on vacation, call the Resident Trooper Office, we will check the perimeter of your home while you are away.
  • Bicycle Safety Programs: These programs are designed to teach the importance of bicycle helmets and rules of the road.
  • National Child Identification Program: This program is in partnership with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, American Football Coaches Association and other law enforcement agencies across the US. The program includes fingerprinting, photographing and collecting of a DNA sample from your child. Also provided is a laminated wallet card providing information pertaining to your child. All information including the photo, fingerprints and DNA sample is given to the parent for their safekeeping.
  • D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education): DARE teaches students to avoid drug use and violence by: increasing their self-esteem and conflict resolution. It offers alternative activities to drug use, ways to say "NO" to drugs, and suggestions when dealing with peer pressure. The highlight of the instruction period is the culmination in which the students pledge to be drug and violence free. Students also receive a certificate and a T-shirt from the DARE instructor. The program is introduced to students at the fifth grade level.
  • Public Speaking: This service offered by the Washington Resident Trooper office. We will provide speakers to grade school children, youth groups, high school, and senior citizens in regards to police procedures, operations, community safety, and decision-making verses consequences.