2014 Plan of Conservation and Development

2014  Plan of Conservation and Development

     The Planning Commission adopted the Town of Washington 2014 Plan of Conservation and Development (POCD) on April 1, 2015  (effective date: April 15, 2015.)

     The POCD is divided into two separate but linked documents.  The first document is the actual Plan of Conservation and Development.  It contains the topical chapters that include a comparison to the 2003 Plan, a primary analysis, and the goals, objectives, and strategies for each topic.  The second document consists of six appendices that contain statistical information and analyses of demographic, housing, and economic data, as well as baseline information of Washington's five village centers, natural resources, and community facilities.  The appendices contain the background information utilized to formulate and support the analyses, goals, objectives, and strategies in the primary POCD document, while freeing the individual POCD chapters from cumbersome statistical tables and data.  This organization provides for a more precise POCD document that can be cross- referenced when necessary.

The Plan and Plan Appendices may be accessed here:
        2014 Plan of Conservation and Development
        2014 Plan Appendices

     The Planning Commission noted on page 4 of the POCD that this Plan built upon the strengths of previous editions while addressing new issues that have become relevant to the Town.  The Commission focused this 2014 Plan on four areas it believes are critical to Washington over the next decade and beyond:  Housing, Economic Development, our Village Centers, and Sustainability.

     The goals and recommendations of this Plan reflect a consensus built upon the past and present work of the Planning Commission with input from other Town boards and commissions, the business community, and Washington residents.  Accordingly, the Commission endorsed the continued application of the guiding principles and programs recommended in the 2003 Plan, except where inconsistent with the goals and recommendations of this 2014 Plan.  A link to the text of the 2003 Plan may be found by selecting the "Documents & General Information" entry in the "Links" section at the top left of this page.

     The POCD is a living document and is subject to continuing review and discussion.  Public comment is encouraged.  Written comments may be emailed to the Commission, click here,              or mailed to the Commission at P.O. Box 383, Washington Depot, CT. 06794.