Mission & Purpose of Housing Commission (cont'd)

The WHC is comprised of BOS appointed volunteers who meet monthly on the second Monday of the month. All meetings are open to the public and are generally an opportunity to discuss ongoing housing issues in Town, new governmental policies and procedures as applicable, and also gives our taxpayers a chance to offer their input as to how their monies are being cared for and utilized throughout the year.

The WHC coffers were initially seeded with appropriated funds through the regular budget as proposed by the Board of Selectmen and then voted through at the Annual Town Meeting in May. A downturn in the overall economy that commenced in 2008 led to a moratorium on funding from the BOS in 2010. That particular expenditure could return during a future budget year.

The WHC is not in the land development business; is not in the real estate market for property purposes; is not in the position of making decisions as to the expenditure of existing coffers. The WHC is charged with recommending any possible opportunities for those previously mentioned plans and in helping the BOS/Town make prudent decisions when applicable.

The WHC is responsible for periodically appearing before the BOS, the Planning and Zoning Commissions, and the Board of Finance, for the purpose of sharing recommendations as to development and availability of a range of housing options, including affordable and moderately priced residences. The Commission acts as a clearinghouse for information concerning federal, state, muncipal and private sources of funding and programs for housing and to make such information available to the public.

The Commission has attempted to provide a forum for housing issues, including public input from surveys, town meetings, and general/informal discussions around town venues.

We are a dedicated group of volunteers who have chosen the Washington Housing Commission as our purpose to share with those people wishing to live in Washington, purchase their own homes, and to increase the options for more people to live in a small town.