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Connecticut General Statutes, Sec 27-135 (b) requires that each town in the state " ...shall designate a city or town employee to serve as a veterans’ service contact person in such city or town."

In the Town of Washington, this is a volunteer position, appointed by the Board of Selectmen, and serving an indefinate term. Their responsibilities include:

"(1) act as the coordinating agency in all matters concerning veterans and their dependents, coordinating the activities of public and private facilities concerned with veterans’ reemployment, education, rehabilitation and adjustment to peacetime living;

(2) cooperate with all national, state and local governmental and private agencies in securing services and benefits to which a veteran or his dependents may be entitled;

(3) use the services and facilities of the veterans organizations so far as possible to carry out the purposes of this section; and (4) encourage and coordinate vocational training services for veterans."