Inland Wetlands Commission

All activities in wetlands and watercourses, or within 100 feet of wetlands and watercourses, are regulated. This means that everybody needs a permit from the IWC before starting any work in these areas. Regulated activities include, but are not limited to, cutting trees or clearing the understory, grubbing, grading, paving, excavation, filling, depositing or removing of material, discharging storm water, and all septic work within 100 feet of a wetlands or watercourse requires an Inland Wetlands permit.Please Note: Issuance of a permit from the Health Department does not release a property owner from his responsibility to obtain the required Inland Wetlands permit.

  • It is wise to call before stopping in if you want to talk with the Wetlands Enforcement Officer because he is often in the field doing inspections. Forms and materials can be picked up outside the office weekdays from 9-5.
  • Please also see the Town Calendar for possible meeting schedule exceptions.
  • The Commission Members are Appointed Officials with 3-year terms.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Nick Tsacoyannis Enforcement Officer 860-868-0423
Shelley White Administrator 860-868-0423


Name Title
Bob Papsin Chair
Charles LaMuniere Member
Bruce Bennett Member
Tony Bedini Member
Susan Branson Member