June is Dog Licensing Month!



Connecticut State Statute 22-338:  Each owner or keeper of a dog of the age of six months or older shall cause such dog to be licensed in the town clerk’s office in the town where such dog is kept, on or before June 30th, annually, or at such time as such dog becomes six months old, and annually thereafter, on or before June 30th.
The 2023/2024 licenses and tags become available June 1st at a fee of $8.00 for an altered dog and $19.00 for an unaltered dog.  After July 1st there is a $1.00 late fee per month.  A rabies vaccination certificate and spay/neuter certificate (if applicable) are required. 
The Town Clerk’s office is open to the public.  Please visit the town website for office hours.  You can also renew or register by mail.  You can mail your application, certificates, fee, and a self-addressed return envelope to PO Box 383, Washington Depot, CT 06794.
For further information contact the town clerk’s office at 860-868-2786 or townclerk@washingtonct.org
Sheila M. Anson, Town Clerk
Mildred Johnson, Assistant Town Clerk