Alert Now/Blackboard Connect

Alert Now/Blackboard Connect Helps Washington,CT Provide Faster, More Targeted Information to Residents

Residents are urged to register again, and add current contact information with the new updated Connect Access Portal to stay informed of important messages

Washington,CT – Alert Now- has updated to its Blackboard Connect™ service to provide enhanced communications options to residents and enable community leaders to reach their residents more quickly and effectively, helping to keep them safer and better informed.

As the Town’s longstanding, trusted notification platform, Alert Now/Blackboard Connect enables officials to quickly deliver critical messages, including emergency alerts and important town announcements, via phone, text and email. Washington is holding a community-wide data drive, encouraging all residents to register their contact information in the updated system’s secure Connect Access Portal, where they can also manage their message settings, including their preferred language, mode of contact and specific message topics they wish to receive. All residents are need to register on the new portal, even if they are on the current Alert Now list. Portal sign up site is:

Washington,CT contracts with Alert Now/Blackboard Connect to notify residents of urgent emergency communications, such as emergency weather, health, communication, roads, utility updates. Go to the Town of Washington’s Web page; for the link to Connect 5 sign up page.

Alert Now - “Blackboard Connect allows us to stay connected by quickly distributing timely, relevant messages to our community,” said Rocky Tomlinson, Washington’s Emergency Management Coordinator, . “Now that residents have the power to customize their message settings, we can make sure they receive the messages that matter most to them. Plus, with the system’s instant reporting we can better track who received a message, and strategically plan for follow-up communications.” capabilities and enhanced geo-mapping so officials can quickly contact specific groups and geographical locations, sending messages only to the residents within select neighborhoods when needed.

For more information on Blackboard Connect, please visit or contact the company at (202) 463-4860, ext. 2860. Washington,CT – Contact the the Selectman’s Office @ 860 868 2259, or the Emergency Management Director, Rocky Tomlinson @ 860 868 9942; cell, 860 488 7711, for any local questions.