Delay of Demolition Committee

Understanding the unique qualities that give Washington its special character, the townspeople of Washington approved a Delay-of-Demolition Ordinance in May of 2022. Many towns in the State of Connecticut already have in place a delay-of-demolition committee to protect and preserve historically significant structures. Washington’s Ordinance was created in accordance with Connecticut General Statutes Section 29-406 authorizing municipalities to approve a waiting period before granting a permit for the demolition of any building, structure, or part thereof.

The Town of Washington’s Delay-of-Demolition Review Commission (“DOD”) is responsible for the review of all applications for demolition or substantial modification of any structure 75 years or older on a property in Washington, CT.

It is DOD’s goal to determine whether a structure is architecturally and/or historically significant and if a demolition delay should be imposed. We believe that the demolition-delay ordinance will increase the odds that a historic structure will be saved. The required 120-day waiting period allows the DOD to review all aspects of the project, provide a variety of information of a structure’s significance of which the owner may not be aware, and give guidance as to viable alternatives in keeping with the town’s character.

The complete Town of Washington's Delay of Demolition Ordinance is linked on this page.

Board Members

Name Title
Sarah Griswold Chair
Dimitri Rimsky Vice Chair
Henrietta De Veer
Christine Adams
Mark Mobley
Sarah Blank