About Washington

The Town of Washington, incorporated in 1779, was taken from Woodbury, Litchfield, Kent, and New Milford. Washington is a town of 38.7 square miles with 89.5 miles of roadway. Our population exceeds 4,000 full-time residents, approximately 550 of whom are public school students.

Washington is a socially, culturally and economically rich community supported by a host of generous, caring citizens. They contribute time and money to ensure strong educational systems, quality library services, intelligent land use planning, first-rate emergency care and a wide range of intellectual and recreational activities. Volunteers are the core of our town.

The Town of Washington encompasses the following Villages:

  • Washington Depot
  • Washington (or Washington Green)
  • New Preston
  • Marbledale (or Marble Dale)
  • Woodville

There are three Post Offices in the Town:

  • 06794: Washington Depot
  • 06793: Washington
  • 06777: New Preston / Marbledale / Woodville


The eastern section of what is now Washington was settled by Joseph Hurlbut in 1734 and was known as the Parish of Judea and belonged to Woodbury. The western section was known as the Parish of New Preston and belonged to New Milford. The present town was incorporated in 1779, being named in honor of General George Washington, who traveled through the area several times during wartime. For many years, Washington was principally a farming community. Among early local industries were ironworks and quarries as well as small mills and factories run by waterpower along the Shepaug and Aspetuck Rivers.

The Town of Washington operates under a town meeting form of government, with a Board of Selectmen

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Published by Voices Newspaper, May 2002

Washington, Connecticut


Bryan Memorial Town Hall


Gunn Memorial Library 
(Photo by Peter Duncan)


First Congregational Church 
(Photo by Charlie Heyman)