FY 2012-2013 Information

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The Washington Volunteer Fire Department fiscal year 2012-2013 call break down is as follows:

Auto alarms – 73
Carbon monoxide- 13
Motor Vehicle accidents – 52
Brush fires- 19 
Structure fires – 8
Chimney fires -3
Car fires – 4 
EMS calls- 22

Total call volume for this year was about the same as last year. Brush fires were up due to a stretch of dry weather. Motor vehicle accidents and EMS calls continue to rise. Automatic fire alarms continue to be most of the calls.

One of our largest incidents was the propane leak and explosion at the town hall with an effort that took seventy-four responders from twelve different agencies thirteen hours to bring under control. The leak from the tank caused and explosion in the building that caused several thousand dollars damage. The time of the incident was 1:00 am on a Sunday morning and the plaza area was empty. The characteristics of propane caused the vapor to sink and remain in the depot area. Power was shut off in the area to reduce the chance for any other explosions. We are fortunate that there was not more damage.

Our membership is very solid with sixty Active Members, twenty Life Members, and twelve Auxiliary Members. Active members continue to train and be prepared as best we can for the types of calls that occur in town and the surrounding region.

We have a dedicated group that is willing to respond and volunteer their time twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. It takes a tremendous amount of time on weekends and evenings to operate the department. Many people need to juggle schedules between work, families, or some of their other duties and interests. Thank them when you see them.

Respectfully submitted
Mark Showalter
Fire Chief 
Washington Volunteer Fire Department