Driveway Ordinance

June 2002
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Driveway Ordinance

This Driveway Ordinance was adopted by the Town of Washington on June 7, 1962 and amended on February 16, 1989, November 1, 1998, October 2, 2000, and May 23, 2002.

  1. No driveway cut, permanent or temporary, abutting or intersecting any road which is now or which may become part of the town highway system shall be constructed, reconstructed or otherwise altered unless a permit for such has been issued by the First Selectman. A State of Connecticut Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) Encroachment Permit is needed on State Highways.
  2. All such driveways shall be constructed in accordance with the design standards established by this ordinance and in accordance with such additional requirements as may be imposed by the First Selectman in the interest of public safety.
  3. To provide for the safety of the general public using town or state highways and to prevent the washing of sediment into and the erosion of such highways, the following standards shall apply to the design and construction:
    1. All driveways shall have an adequate sight distance along the town highway in both directions.
    2. No driveway shall be constructed with a grade greater than ten per cent (10%) within fifty feet (50') of the roadway and not greater than fifteen per cent (15%) thereafter. Certification of said grade percentage by a licensed engineer or surveyor may be required at the discretion of the First Selectman.
    3. Where there is any doubt in the mind of the first selectman and/or road foreman as to the location of the driveway in regards to property lines, a survey may be required at the applicant's expense.
    4. All driveways shall be paved with bituminous concrete for a minimum distance of ten (10) feet from the intersection of the driveway with the town highway. The bituminous concrete shall be a minimum of three (3) inches in compacted thickness applied on a compacted twelve (12) inch layer of gravel. The driveway should be inspected by the first selectman or road foreman prior to application of the asphalt apron. Paving may not be required on driveways constructed off unimproved dirt roads; however, other improvements may be required.
    5. No driveway shall be constructed so that its intersection with the town highway is above the level of the existing gutter line of the highway. Water from all driveways shall be diverted so as not to enter upon the traveled portion of such highway. Where the contour of the land is such that, in the opinion of the First Selectman, the construction of a driveway may create a drainage problem, the First Selectman may order the installation of necessary catch basins, culverts, headers and retaining walls.
    6. Unless a permit for such work has been secured from the Inland Wetlands and Conservation Commission of the Town of Washington, no driveway shall be constructed, reconstructed or altered if the proposed work constitutes a regulated activity or is located within a wetland or watercourse as defined in the Inland Wetlands Regulations of the Town of Washington. Said Wetlands permit must be obtained prior to application for driveway permit.
    7. The First Selectman may issue a conditional permit for any part of the work required by this ordinance, with the completion of work to be not later than six months after issuance of the permit. As part of such conditional permit, the First Selectman may require a cash bond to be deposited with the Town in a minimum amount of $1,000 and maximum of $5,000 to secure the completion of such work. Upon failure of completion within six months, the First Selectman may either declare the amount to be forfeited as liquidated damages for the harmful effects which may have been or will be caused by such failure or may enter into the property and perform the uncompleted work, applying the bond amount toward the expenses of such completion.
    8. A certificate of occupancy will not be issued until compliance with this driveway ordinance has been completed.
    9. The granting of a permit is not certification by the Town of Washington that the driveway is safe or adequate for use by emergency equipment.
    10. Driveways with bridges require engineer-certified HS-20 specifications and load rating.
    11. An "as-built" drawing may be required for engineered driveways.
    12. There shall be no construction of or alteration to any driveway during the months of January, February or March.
    13. Installation of any underground utility across a town roadway shall require approval from the First Selectman prior to commencement of work and will require a bond of $500. Town road crossings for residential installation of electrical, cable or telephone utilities will be allowed only through the process of boring. No road cuts will be permitted.
    14. The conditions of Town Ordinance #710 (an ordinance to charge fees for consultant services and/or legal opinions required in the processing of land use or road construction applications) shall apply to the issuance of a driveway permit.


Driveway Ordinance

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I understand that by signing this application I have agreed to comply with the above town ordinance(s) and will contact the issuing authority upon completion for approval.

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*Ordinance 710 attached.

Please attach a sketch of proposed driveway and site plan.

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See Town's comments on reverse.

Revisions as approved at the Town Meeting on May 23, 2002 shall take effect June 16, 2002.