Seal: Washington, Connecticut; Founded 1779
The Town of Washington, Connecticut

Parks & Recreation Commission

Office: Lower level of Bryan Memorial Town Hall

Tue, Wed, Thurs: 1:30 - 5:30 PM

Telephone: 860-868-1519

Fax: 860-868-3103
Note that several departments share this fax line, so be sure to address your document clearly!


U.S. Mail Address:
Parks & Recreation Commission
Town of Washington
P.O. Box 383
Washington Depot, CT 06794

Street Address:
Parks & Recreation Commission
Town of Washington
2 Bryan Plaza
Washington Depot, CT 06794

Appointed Officials: (3-year term)
C. J. Kersten, Chairman Sheila Anson
Tim Cook
Darren Dutcher Joe Fredlund
Laura Martin
Ray Reich
Whitney Ryan

Lisa Easter, Coordinator
Mary Anne Greene, Recording Clerk

Schedule of Programs and Events

See the Parks & Rec Schedule page.


Monthly meetings are generally scheduled for the second Monday of each month at 7:00 PM in the Land Use room of the Bryan Memorial Town Hall. See the Town Calendar for possible schedule exceptions, for instance because of holidays. Also be sure to check Public & Legal Notices for possible last minute schedule changes. Please confirm meetings by calling the office at 868-1519.

Minutes of previous meetings are available online.

Annual Reports

See the Town Annual Report for yearly reports on the activities of the Parks & Recreation Commission.

River Walk Park

River Walk Park is a beautiful spot; I think we all can agree. The Washington Parks and Recreation Commission is constantly working to make the Pavilion and surrounding park a beautiful place everyone can enjoy. Many, many people enjoy a walk or jog on the path that winds around the perimeter of the park past the newly installed tot lot playground, various ball fields, tennis courts and then along the Shepaug River and back to the Pavilion. We know many of you enjoy this activity with your dogs. Dogs love nothing better than a place they can go for a walk with their owners, sniff things to their hearts content, and do various other things dogs like to do. This is where we need you, the dog-owning public to help. Please, your dogs MUST be kept on a leash at all times at River Walk Park. ALL DOGS, no exceptions! This is becoming quite a problem. We've had a few people bitten by "my very friendly dog who wouldn't bite a soul". Children playing on the tot lot get scared when a friendly, fun loving dog runs over to check them out and give them a lick. Maybe that child has been bitten in the past and is scared whit less of dogs. Maybe the dog is bigger than they are. Who knows? But children must be allowed to play on a playground without worrying about an unleashed dog coming near them. Furthermore, you must pick up after your dog. At the park a doggie waste receptacle has been provided by a very generous person who loves our park (and dogs). This receptacle also has bags available for the public to use, so there is no excuse not to pick up after your dogs. I have witnessed dogs being turned loose in the outfield of Ted Alex Field. This is a huge no-no. These dogs are not only unleashed but also defecating in the baseball outfield! Would you want your child to be playing ball and run (or fall) through dog poop? I think not. If dog owners don't follow the rules, we will be forced to ban all dogs from the park. Please help us keep the River Walk beautiful, leash and clean up after your dog. Thank you.

Lisa A. Easter, Coordinator
Washington Parks & Recreation

Web page last updated: January 29, 2012