Telephone Directory

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Unless otherwise indicated, numbers are in area code 860

Please click the name of the office to go to that page for hours, meeting times, and more.

Note that most fax lines are shared by several departments,
so be sure to address your document clearly!

Selectmen's Office
Mark E. Lyon First Selectman Tel 868-2259
Fax 868-3103
David Werkhoven Selectman
Jay Hubelbank Selectman
Linda McGarr Administrative Asst.
Mary Anne Greene Administrative Asst.
Jeffrey Hammond

Administrative Asst.

Linda Kennedy Gomez Administrative Asst.  - Finance  
Town Clerk's Office
Sheila M. Anson Town Clerk Tel 868-2786
Fax 868-3103
Pamela S. Osborne Assistant Town Clerk
Joan DeLuca                         Assistant Town Clerk
Tax Collector's Office
Donna W Alex Tax Collector Tel 868-7796
Fax 868-3103
Assessor's Office
Delisse Locher Assessor Tel 868-0398
Treasurer's Office
Linda L. McGarr Town Treasurer Tel 868-2259
Regional Court of Probate
District 22   Tel 203-262-0641
Parks & Recreation
Jeff Hammond Park & Rec. Coordinator Tel 868-1519
Registrar of Voters
Diane N. Chase Registrar Tel 868-2786
Lisabeth Adams Registrar
Land Use Offices
Fax 868-2819
Janet M. Hill Land Use Coordinator Tel 868-0423
Richelle Hodza Wetlands Enforcement Officer
Zoning Enforcement Officer
Tel 868-0423
Janice Roberti Land Use Secretary Tel 868-0423
Shelley Whitel Land Use Secretary Tel 868-0423
William T. P. Jenks Building Inspector Tel 868-0844
Health Department
Michael Crespan Director of Health Tel 355-6035
Suzanne Von Holt Town Sanitarian Tel 868-0423
Senior Services
Pamela F. Collins Municipal Agent for the Elderly
Director, Senior Center
Tel 868-0735
Animal Control
Cynthia Brissett Animal Control Officer Tel 868-2870
Fax 868-2078
Highway Department
Kevin Smith Highway Director Tel 868-3450
Tel 868-7986
Roger Cannavaro Road Crew Foreman
Public Safety
Emergency 911
Or, if 911 Fails: Litchfield County Dispatch 868-7300
Resident State Trooper's Office
(if no answer, forwards to the Troop L Barracks in Litchfield)
Tel 868-2100
Stephen Sordi, Resident State Trooper
(if no answer, picked up by an answering machine)
Tel 868-9671
Volunteer Ambulance Association Tel 868-7913
Volunteer Fire Department Washington Depot Tel 868-7403
Fax 868-7403
Volunteer Fire Department New Preston Tel 868-7831
Thomas Osborne Fire Marshal Tel 860-868-7212
Robert "Rocky" Tomlinson Emergency Management Coordinator
Local Emergency Planning Committee
Home/office: 860-868-7728
cell: 860-488-7711
Dispatch/EOC: 860-868-7300