Certificate Of Appropriateness - Procedures

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The main responsibility and authority of Historic District Commissions (HDC) is to determine the appropriateness of proposed changes to the properties within their jurisdiction. Prior to making any alterations to the exterior of the property that would be visible from a public street, way, or place, property owners must submit an application to the HDC for a Certificate of Appropriateness.

What work requires a Certificate of Appropriateness?

A Certificate of Appropriateness is required for, but not limited to, any of the following exterior work that may be visible from a public street, place, or way:

  • construction of any new building or structure, or the proposed relocation of an existing building or structure

  • alteration of or any addition to the exterior architectural features of an existing building or structure

  • any proposed demolition of any existing building or structure, in whole or in part

  • any alteration or repair resulting in a change of materials on an existing building or structure

  • replacement, addition, or modification of windows, doors, storm windows, storm doors, or shutters on an existing building or structure

  • outdoor advertising signs and bill posters

  • parking areas for industrial, commercial, business, home industry or occupational use

  • fences, walls, curb cuts, driveways, walkways, exterior lighting fixtures, and other fixed structures

What work does not require a certificate?

  • any alteration not visible from a public street, way or place

  • routine maintenance that does not involve a change in materials, design, or texture

  • painting (with no change of material) and paint color

  • interior alterations