Certificate Of Appropriateness - Procedures

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Historic District Commission Permits are called Certificates of Appropriateness (C of A) and require a public hearing.

A permit is not required for repairs or replacement in kind, but a letter of "no exterior effect" is required so that the office is aware of the scope of the ongoing work.

A permit is required for construction of new buildings or structures as well as remodeling or alterations of exterior features of buildings and structures, that are visible from a public street, way, or place. Permits are also required for site improvements including, but not limited to: roads, driveways, parking areas, curbs, sidewalks, fences, walls, dams, bridges, docks, outdoor fireplaces, tennis courts, utility structures, gazebos, swimming pools, lampposts, monuments, statuary, signs, bill posters, primary buildings, accessory buildings, and any other feature of the built environment, visible from a public way or place.

Although it may be located within a historic district, a structure that can not be seen from any public road does not require a Certificate of Appropriateness. Please call the office to confirm this. One of the Commissioners or the Enforcement Officer will make an inspection to confirm that it can not be seen from the road and that a Certificate of Appropriateness is not required.

The Commission strongly urges applicants to read the Guidelines before planning their projects. It is also recommended that they refer to the Application Review Checklist.

Related Town Commission Requirements:

Town of Washington Zoning Regulations, specifically:

  • Section 12.14, Generators, Air Conditioners, Pool Filters and Other Noise Generating Equipment
  • Section 12.15, Outdoor Lighting in Residential Districts
  • Section 16, Signage