Seal: Washington, Connecticut; Founded 1779
The Town of Washington, Connecticut

Building and Property Commission

Appointed Officials: (3-year term)
Nicholas Solley
Vincent Belanger

Building/Grounds Supervisor:
Lee Levesque


Monthly meetings are generally scheduled for the third Thursday of each month at 4:00 PM at the Bryan Memorial Town Hall. See the Town Calendar for possible schedule exceptions, for instance because of holidays. Also be sure to check Public & Legal Notices for possible last minute schedule changes.

Establishment Of A Building And Property Commission


That a Building and Property Commission be established to review, recommend and oversee improvements to town-owned buildings and properties.

Said Commission shall be comprised of three (3) electors appointed by the Board of Selectmen. Initial appointments shall be for a one-year, two-year, and three-year term. Subsequent appointments shall be made annually by the Board of Selectmen on July 1st and continue for a period of three years.

The Board of Selectmen may present projects involving substantial improvements, repairs, construction, restoration, sale, lease or acquisition of buildings or property to the Building and Property Commission for consideration and recommendations.

The Building and Property Commission shall submit no less than one written report to the Board of Selectmen on or before February 15th of each year, including recommendations and the status of projects. The Board of Selectmen shall be responsible for coordination with Town Commissions (boards), securing jurisdictional approvals, Town Meetings, the bidding process, etc. as required and in accordance with Town Ordinances and State Statutes.

The First Selectman shall call the first meeting of the Building and Property Commission within 30 days of the initial appointments. At this meeting, the Commission shall elect a Chairman and Secretary.

Road and bridge issues will not be considered as part of the duties of this Commission.

This Ordinance shall take effect July 1, 2002.

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