eQuality Valuation Services is inspecting properties in Washington again!

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eQuality Valuation Services from Waterbury, CT is inspecting Washington properties for the upcoming 2018 revaluation.  Inspections have resumed for the Spring of 2018.

eQuality agents have been working with the Assessor by performinging site inspections, and the process will continue into the Fall of 2018.  Currently the eQuality inspector and the Assessor are inspecting properties through out Washington.

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eQuality inspectors carry photo IDs and a printed notice that also displays their photo.  They wear blue insignia polo shirts, display  automobiles signs, and their automobile's make, model & license plate numbers will be on file with the Assessor's & Selectmen's Offices, as well as the Washington Police.  Homeowners are encouraged to ask for this identification prior to admitting anyone into their homes.  If anyone has a question as to the identity of a data collector they may call the:

Assessor's Office at 860-868-0398

Selectmen's Office at 860-868-2259,  or

Washington Police at 860-868-9671



Inspections will be brief (there are over 2600 accounts in town so we try to move fast!) Exterior data collection involves confirmation of location, topography, number and type or absence of buildings, and exterior dimensions, design, construction & condition of each, as well as in-ground pools, courts, etc.  Inspectors will also photograph the front & rear exterior of each significant building on site to update the Assessor's property record.  No interior photographs will be taken.

Interior inspections take only ten minutes or so, and include a quick tour of the building, including attic & basement.  They confirm room count, number of living unit(s), kitchen(s), full & half bath(s), HVAC systems, special building amenities or extra fixtures.  House-keeping or tidiness is not noted, so occupants need feel no need for prior preparation.  Homeowners will be asked to sign the data collection form, so there is opportunity to view data collected, if desired, but data collectors must necessarily be brief.  Please call our office for more detailed discussions if inspection or revaluation questions arise. 

An interior inspection will not be conducted unless someone 18 years or older is available to sign the form.  If an adult is not available at this visit, data collectors will still perform the exterior inspection and will leave contact information to schedule an interior one.  Inspectors generally work between 8:30AM - 7:00PM, Monday-Friday, with appointments on Saturday.  The Assessor may inspect properties after businees hours and on weekend days.

While it isn't mandatory for residents to allow data collectors interior access, correct data is vitally important to the accuracy & uniformity of assessments, so your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Inspection also serves owners well to ensure their real estate asset(s) are always catalogued correctly; for insurance, refinance, rental/sales and/or other purposes.  If we cannot gain entry to inspect, we must assume property characteristics.  In a 2009 New Britain Superior Court decision, Mulero v. Wethersfield, the Judge held that real estate owners have a duty to cooperate with assessors conducting interior inspections, and that if an owner did/does not allow entry to inspect, they are not to be allowed to complain about assessor assumptions.  The CT Supreme Court has agreed, in the case J.C. Penney v. Manchester, 2009.

If you have any question or concern, always feel free to call our office at 860-868-0398.