Personal Property Declarations

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Local businesses, such as plumbers & carpenters, farmers & shop owners, home offices & professional offices are required by state statute to file personal property declarations every year between October 1st and November 1st. Property to be declared includes furniture, fixtures, office equipment, computers, construction equipment, farm & lawn equipment, vending machines, unregistered motor vehicles, etc. Businesses owning personal property located in Washington, though based elsewhere, must also file. Failure to completely & accurately declare personal property by Nov. 1 carries a 25% penalty

Business owners must keep a copy of prior year filings. Prior year copies will be provided with 3 days prior written request from the owner or Declaration signer, so plan ahead if you do not keep your business records. 

Please note: Declarations with a U.S.P.S. Nov. 1 post mark are accepted as 'on-time',  But a Pitney Bowes or another postmark, without a USPS stamp confirming receipt by the Post Office on or before Nov.1 is not adequate to prevent a Late filing penalty.

The Assessor's office will be mailing declaration forms to all businesses which have previously filed. For those who do not receive forms, declarations are available at the Assessor's office in Bryan Memorial Town Hall, or download a copy.  Please note that original Declarations with original ('wet') signatures are required.  Duplicates or faxed copies are not accepted. Please call 860-868-0398 for further information, or see Am I A Business?

Motor vehicles 'garaged' in Washington - whether or not they are un-registered or registered out-of-statemust be declared and are liable for taxation.  Failure to completely & accurately declare personal property by Nov. 1 carries a 25 percent penalty.

Please note: the assessor's office prescribes a certain Personal Property declaration format.  Other declaration  templates may be acceptable, provoided they are similiar to those accessible by links above.  Businesses may be required to use the prescribed declaration instead of a template; if template layout is too dissimiliar to the preferred format.