When is the next Revaluation?

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Washington's next revaluation will be effective October 1, 2018

Revaluation of real estate is State-mandated every 5 years to verify real estate property data, and analyze fair market sales during a prescribed time immediately before the upcoming October 1 effective date.  The purpose is to regularly update property records and fair market values-and thus assessments, in CT cities and towns.  Revaluation is required every five years. 

This revaluation is a "full physical"  revaluation (or 'reval'); meaning that each parcel must be inspected to verify that Town data is accurate and up to date.  The assessor is inspecting more parcels than in previous revaluations, in an effort to obtain data at less cost for taxpayers. This also affords property owners easy opportunity to ask questions or talk with the assessor briefly about the reval process. eQuality Valuation Services has contracted with the Town to assist the assessor with inspections and to perform the sales analysis to determine updated fair market values.

The Town is now collecting property data by visiting sites.

Data collectors, or inspectors, will work between the hours of 9AM-6PM Monday-Friday & some Saturdays by appointment.  This website will post neighborhoods being inspected during any given time period.  If a homeowner is unavailable at a site visit, data collectors will still perform the exterior inspection and will leave contact info about how to schedule a very brief interior inspection. 

Interior inspections include a quick tour of the dwelling, including basement & attic, to count number of rooms, note HVAC systems, interior construction and extra features of the home.  It takes about 10-15 minutes.  Exterior inspections confirm exterior dimensions of each building and document such things as topography, utilities, yard items like sheds, pools or tennis courts, and type & quality of construction.  Exterior photos may be taken to update blurred or outdated ones for the assessor's file.  Absolutely NO interior photos are ever taken.

Inspectors/Collectors always wear photo ID badges & carry written documentation from the Town stating their affiliation with the reval project.  All eQuality inspectors and their vehicles will be registered with the Washington Selectman's Office & Police.  Homeowners are encouraged to ask to see this ID before admitting anyone into their home.  If a homeowner has a question about the identity of a inspector, for further confirmation they may call:

Selectman's Office at 860-868-2259, or

Washington Police at 860-868-9671