Seal: Washington, Connecticut; Founded 1779
The Town of Washington, Connecticut

About This Web Site
Search is the official web site of the Town of Washington, Connecticut.

Rex Swain created this site in 2002, and maintained it until July 2008.
Steve Wadelton now maintains the site.
All of this is done on a volunteer basis.

Suggestion? Correction?

If you have a suggestion, do let us know. If it involves gathering information, please consider volunteering yourself for the job!

Content Policy

The Town of Washington's web site ( is for Town government and Town-sponsored functions only -- elected or appointed boards, commissions and officers, as well as public safety (fire, police, ambulance) organizations. We do not handle all the other organizations and events in town, despite the good and valuable work they do. For instance, we do not handle churches, Steep Rock, the Gunn Memorial Library, the Lions Club, Boy Scouts, and etc. If your local organization has a web site of its own, we will be happy to offer a link to it. See our Links page, which already has several such links.

Town policy is that anything submitted to the Town Clerk and/or run as a notice in a newspaper should be emailed to the webmaster at the same time. (The webmaster usually posts the information to the web site within 24 hours.) This includes meeting agendas, meeting minutes, legal and public notices, requests for bids, meeting schedule changes, and etc.

Web page last updated: June 30, 2008